Thursday, July 14, 2022

Banning Bullet-Proof Vests is Dangerous

Recently, I have been shook up by the recent spate of violence that has swept this whole country. Gun violence has been the center of our attention in all media outlets. From New York, to Texas, we have seen how innocents lives have been cut down due to the ruthless actions of murderous thugs.

In New York, I have seen the current situation in this state. On the news, all we see is violence, such as:

* Several victims of a mass shooting in the NYC subway system:

* The senseless shooting of a train passenger in said subway:

* Man hit by stray bullet, while waiting at a bus-spot:

* Reckless individuals engaged in a shootout to kill each other:

* Several people shot on July 4th, 2022:

Due to the recent mass shootings in New York and Texas, NYS Governor Hochul signed a legislative package that deals with gun control (

When I read the package, I was in agreement with some of the regulations that were being implemented. Of course, one item that was being banned stood out like a sore thumb: bullet-proof vests.

Is this for real?! What possible harm can this potential life-saver do to harm another human being? Seriously! This makes zero-sense. By criminalizing bullet-proof vests, this law seeks to jail law-abiding citizens for trying to protect themselves from the criminal element.

At being a harmless, protective gear, bullet-proof vests should be worn by the following people:

* Security Guards
* School Teachers and Staff
* College Professors and Staff
* Hospital Personnel
* Bank Personnel
* Retail Staff Members
* Movie Theater Guests and Staff
* Delivery Drivers (FEDEX, UPS, USPS, AMAZON)
* Food Delivery Personnel
* Taxi Drivers
* Crime Victims
* Subway Riders
* Politicians

The list goes on, and on. The point, is that banning bullet-proof vests is going to cause more harm than good. It will punish millions of New Yorkers because of the actions of the murderers in New York and Texas.

Just to put things into context, criminals do not care about laws. Murder and robbery is against the law, yet the criminal element does not care about rules.

The New York Attorney General agrees that illegal guns come from other states ( Criminals will go out of New York to get weapons that can hurt others.

Speaking of going out of state to get stuff, a New Yorker can go across to New Jersey, and legally purchase a bullet-proof vest. There is absolutely nothing stopping a potential mass-murderer from picking up this vest. Afterwards, this deranged person could be hiding a vest under their cloth, and nobody would notice.

Let us not forget when a terrorist used a pickup truck to run over people, in Manhattan ( It is a miracle that pickup trucks were not banned, in spite of the fact that several people got killed during this attack. By the way, these trucks happen to be much deadlier than a harmless bullet-proof vest.

I ask the NYS Governor, Senate, and Assembly:

Why are you trying your very best in denying decent, law-abiding citizens from obtaining the means to protect themselves. All of you have personal security, so have no vested (pun intended) interest in how afraid New Yorkers really feel.

This law must not stand. If it is not unconstitutional, then surely it must be very unreasonable.

How can New York’s representatives look into the eyes of the people and say that the public cannot protect ourselves?!


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