Thursday, July 21, 2022

Bodega Worker Free: Murder Charges Dropped

Bodega Worker Free: Murder Charges Dropped

In a case that demonstrates that the voice of reason will prevail (eventually), Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg has dropped the murder charge against an innocent bodega worker who was just serving the public ( To the poor man who was thrust into the national spotlight for defending himself, this comes as a much-needed relief.

As discussed in a previous article (, Jose Alba was working at a bodega just trying to make a living, the right way. Things went sour when a female customer could not pay money for her child’s items, and Mr. Alba proceeded to take them away for non-payment. The woman got super-upset, and went to get her man to confront Mr. Alba. That is when things took a turn for the worst.

In a the much-publicized video, it can be seen that Austin Simon, who has a violent criminal record, viciously attacked Mr. Alba for seemingly offending his woman. Mr. Alba defended himself, and stabbed Simon to death. To any casual viewer of that video, this clearly identifies as a justified self-defense act. However, Mr. Alba was arrested, and charged with murder. The citizens of the City of New York, the State of New York, and the whole United States could not believe that a person would not be able to legally defend themselves without facing murder charges. But, that is what happened.

DA Bragg made sure to make Mr. Alba’s life miserable. First, Mr. Alba’s bail was an astronomical $500,000. To any working person who struggles to make a living, this might as well be a billion dollars. Of course, after much media-attention, this bail was reduced, and Mr. Alba was able to walk away on bail of $5,000.

That DA Bragg finally decided to drop the murder charge can be taken as a sign that sanity prevailed in these trying times. Of course, more-than-likely, Bragg was thinking hard how this was going to hit rock-bottom when it comes to his political life. After all, he is an elected official, and if the voters are angry, he is bound to be voted out.

This whole fiasco has given the impression to New Yorkers that the criminals are protected, while the victims are prosecuted. Yes: Mr. Alba was victimized, twice. First, by the violence perpetuated by Simon, then by the criminal-justice system that is catering more to the bad guys.

DA Bragg: good for you for steering the ship in the right direction. What took you SO long?

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